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The Artist, Writer , Student & SuperModel

Shift in Consciousness!

My ability to truly live has shifted.  I feel freer and more comfortable in my skin than I have ever been.  Spiritually, I have found peace regardless of the circumstance.  Mentally, I am stronger and have more control over my life.

Why is Tonja's Instruction an Asset To My Life?

She has not only from the practical standpoint of teaching basic yoga principles; she has also equipped me with "tools" expression. She has taught me to embrace even the darkest parts of my existence by applying the yoga or yogic lifestyle.  She is an asset because through her nudging me in certain direction, I have truly discovered my life's purpose.

My Current vs. Former State of Being.

I am currently living a life that I want!  I am moving according to the spirit instead of against it.

My Recommendation to Perspective Students.

In this life, you will encounter countless spirits meant to teach you, guide you, influence you; when you change you.  Allow yourself to be turned inside out and right-side up.  Your soul deserves to operate at it's greatest capacity.

                                                                                                                      Alia Cooper;  Baltimore, Maryland                                                                                                                                                            YOTM's Yoga Ambassodor 2014/15                                                                                                                


The Family Nurse Practitioner & Future Yoga Business Owner

Why did you decide to take this training?  I decided to take this training to dedicate structured time to advance my yoga practice with the goal of eventually bcoming a yoga instructor.

Has your consciousness shifted in this program?  Through this training, I have improved so much more than my physical "asana" practice.  Learning the basis of yoga and the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects have helped me on and off the mat. Incorporating yoga into my daily life, career and personal relationships has alleviated stress and created a more positive energy flow in my life.  Basically, I feel happier, and healthier both mentally and physically.

What qualities does your instructor possess that would be of asset to anyone wishing to embark on a journey with YOTM?  Choosing a person to train under can be a daunting task.  I researched several training facilities and class structures, but was hesitant to be in such a generic setting.  The instructor (Tonja) is personable, caring, and passionate about the work she is doing. She genuinely cares about the well being of the students.  Her class schedule and method of training has allowed me to pursue what I thought was just another "shelf dream" or incomplete life goal.  I have learned more about life and the healing ability to experience abundance through physical and mental awareness than I could have through all the books I read on the subject.

How has this training changed your life?  Our Warrior training has been like a personal retreat.  It's my personal time of reflection, growth and dedication not just to my practice, but to myself.  It has provided me with a sense of balance, clarity, and well being--that is so critical in order to continue my career of service to others.

Would you recommend this specific training?  Yes, I would recommend this training to anyone who seeks to learn more about yoga; but more importantly, someone who wants to learn more about themselves.  A person who wants a training that is not just for a studio or a pose, but is about a life changing journey to higher consciousness.

                                                                                                                                - C. Porcher; Columbia, South Carolina                                                                     

     "I decided to take this training because I had always wanted to be a certified yoga instructor,but could never afford the cost for it in either money nor time.  I am so grateful to have been led to the "right" school at the "right" time in my life.  My children are grown and I am at a point of "semi-retirement" as a self employed neuromuscular therapist.  The payments are an affordable amount that I can pay on monthly; and the time commitments are only one weekend per month, for twelve months!

    A whole new world of possibilities have arisen in my awareness, as a result of taking this training.  Now, for the last six months,  I am getting stronger both physically and mentally.  I am also experiencing more clarity; and feel emotionally calmer.  I feel like I now have tools in hand to manage the energy my healthy life requires.  I am being spiritually nourished in ways that promote my highest hope of bringing some of what I have learned back to my family and community,  This training has given me tools to  positively impact my world.  One class, one student at a time!

    The instructor is very knowledgeable, compassionate and relatable; remembering that she herself was once the student.  She works with each one in our small class to help us succeed.  Due to her background, she is able to teach us how to safely guide our future students to achieve their yoga goals.

      I definitely feel a personal transformation happening in my own being.  I feel happier and more content.  I highly recommend the Warrior Training to anyone who feels led to the challenge of self discovery and self development through this yoga training.  And, if you're like me, having always wanted to teach yoga; I can confidently and enthusiasically invite you to check out the school and the instructor. " 

                                                                                                                               -L. Adams;  Atlanta, Georgia 


The Massage Therapist, Devoted Mother & Wife

The Choreographer, Yoga Instructor & Dancer.

Why did you decide to take this training? " I decided to take this training to further develop myself spiritually; and connect more to the teachings of yoga to better impart great experiences to my students."

Has your consciousness shifted in this program? " I understand better now that experiencing, creating and manifesting is part of life.  I understand my feelings about life more and why I felt disconnected from many other teachings.  This training is helping me understand why I've always connected to playfulness and creativity.  I feel like there are not limits to what can happen in all of our lives."

What qualities does your instructor possess that would be of asset to anyone wishing to embark on a journey with YOTM?  "Any spiritual leader should be full of humor, joy, fun and possess patience; if anything.  Tonja clearly enjoys the journey. Her intention is clear, in that, she wants to share and enhance the lives of her students."

How has this training, changed your state of being? "The training has opened me to new ways to create and also to new ways to connect with people. This training comes highly recommended."

                                                                                                                                                                         -A. Austin;  Ft. Polk, Louisiana